There is a new generation of cold-climate heat pumps which are capable of reducing the energy costs tremendously. The savings when compared to oil heaters are particularly substantial as they run to as much as 40% for residents in Ontario. There are quite a lot of different advantages of these heat pumps that you might actually want to take into very serious consideration. Let’s have a look.

They could be used for heating

It is as simple as a touch of a button. This could be a remote or a mounted solution and it is designated to extract the heat energy from the outside and bring it conveniently to the indoors.

They could be used for cooling

This is a process which is referred to as a “reverse cycle” and it refers to the ability of the entire thing to work conveniently backwards. As a matter of fact, it would work in the exact way that your fridge works. This means that it is also capable of extracting the heat from the inside and introducing it to the outside.

They are safe

There are absolutely no flames and no hot surfaces that your pets or kids could accidentally touch and get burned. This is a substantial consideration. If you have a family with small kids, you can consider this option.

Perfect climate control

The single and pretty much the most important feature of your heat pump is the actual comfort. You would be able to conveniently maintain the climate in order for it to meet your specific requirements, needs and desires. Keeping you cozy in the peak of winters at an affordable cost is a big plus.

Environmentally safe

There is absolutely no carbon footprint besides the used electricity which is absolutely minimal when it comes to it and when you compare it to other solutions. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that there is no threat to the environment.

Reduces the running costs

Heat pumps are known for moving the heat and not for creating it by burning gas or oil, they are incredibly efficient in terms of used resources. You can experience savings which amount to 60% if your heat pump is with a ground source as well as up to 40% if it’s for air source heat pumps.
There is not a shred of doubt that these are solutions that you should take advantage of as they are obviously a significant leap forward. This is something important and you need to take it into account. With everything else being said, it goes without saying that the initial investment is definitely worth it when you compare it to the long-term savings. There are benefits that you would incur and benefit from when you replace your current heating system with a heat pump. Talk with your HVAC expert for custom advice and recommendations.