You’ve managed to survive another summer, but you vow that next summer you will have an air conditioning system that keeps you comfortable. How do you know which system is right for you? Let’s take a look.

When you are considering a new air conditioner, there are several factors to consider. The type of system, the size, the efficiency, space, budget, warranty…the list goes on. Your most important resource when shopping in St. Catharines is an air conditioner repair or installation expert. They have invaluable information when it comes to the nuances of each system and manufacturer. But here is a simple rundown of the types of systems you want to be considering and researching.

Window Units

For a long time, window air conditioners were the only available types of AC. A simple machine, placed on a window shelf, they are still the most reasonable of alternatives. Conversely, they are noisy, inefficient, and unsightly to look at. But, in the case where you don’t have the duct infrastructure for a central system, window units are better than nothing.

Ductless Systems

Ductless air conditioners, or mini splits, are another alternative that doesn’t require the extensive ductwork of central systems. These units come in two parts, an inner unit and an outer one, connected via a small hole. These don’t require a window and can be installed unobtrusively, high on a wall or ceiling. They are far less noisy than a window unit, convenient, and far more energy efficient. But the initial cost of installation can be what turns consumers off. These require installation by a qualified AC repair technician in St. Catharines.

Central Air Conditioning

Today, most homeowner still opt for central systems. They provide consistent air control to all areas of the home via a series of ductwork. Central systems are a perfect choice for comfort and efficiency, although it requires a ductwork system that can challenge your space and your budget. If you are considering a central system, you need to consider that the installation of ductwork is a large renovation requiring a great deal of space and opening up floors and walls in your home. But if you already have a forced air furnace, you already have that ductwork in place, ready for a central system installation.

The purchase of a new air conditioning system is a major home investment and should always be considered carefully. Hiring a St. Catharines AC repair technician to assist with your choice and make helpful cost comparisons is important when you want to make the best decision for your home.

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