Air conditioner season is upon us. After months of cold weather, the warm weather is finally here. And as the temperatures rise, our thoughts turn to our air conditioning systems.

After sitting unattended, your AC system may warrant a quick check. A quick DIY inspection just may avoid costly air conditioning repairs in Oshawa. Take these quick start up steps to make sure your air conditioner is in good shape.

Visual Inspection

Make a visual inspection of the outdoor unit. Clear away any debris or shrubbery that may inhibit airflow around the outside of the unit. Sometimes debris and leaves build up around the AC unit. Make sure these are all removed.

Change Your Filter

Make sure you have changed your filter. This is one of the most important maintenance steps a  homeowner can do to ensure that the correct airflow can get to the system. Filters are relatively inexpensive, so it is worth the money to start the season with a fresh filter. Keep extra filters on hand for future change outs.

Check Your Thermostat

Check your thermostat. Set it to “cool” and adjust the temperature to allow it to switch on. If cool air is not coming from the vents, it’s possible that your thermostat requires a change of batteries.

Some Things Require a Professional

If your AC fan is not operating, check to see if the high voltage power is on and the circuit breaker is on. At times, animals can get inside outdoor units. If the fan is working, but air isn’t cooling, make sure that you are not in power saver mode if you have a power saver switch on your unit.

If, during your inspection, you have detected some faulty wiring or your unit consistently trips circuit breakers, you should rely on a professional. Outdated or faulty wiring may be a fire hazard. Call an air conditioner repair technician in Oshawa.

Damaged coils in your AC unit do the real work and are responsible for absorbing heat and dispensing cool air. The cleaning, repair, and replacement of coils should be left to a professional AC repair technician in Oshawa.

If you detect a refrigerant leak, call a professional immediately. Air conditioning refrigerants are dangerous and dealing with a leak should be left to a professional.

Call for Seasonal Maintenance

If you would prefer to have an experienced air conditioner repair specialist in Oshawa take a look at your system before the hot weather moves in, most companies offer a scheduled maintenance plan. Maintenance ensures that your air conditioning system is ready for the long summer ahead and can often detect possible problems before they become expensive AC repairs in Oshawa.