The short answer is yes – it can. Now, if you feel as if your HVAC system is in good working condition but your energy bills are actually keeping on rising up, you might actually have to air seal your home. This is a remedy for air leaks and it is designed to keep the cooled or the heated air in and the outside air out. In other words, it prevents the leaking of air which has a very negative impact on your utility bills. This is something to consider seriously because you surely don’t want to waste the energy and get inflated bills.
With this in mind, you should understand that about 20% of the heated or the conditioned air which is moving throughout your home is actually lost due to improper insulation alongside air leaks as well. There is a report of Energy Star which shows that air leaks could account for as much as 40% of the total energy to be used to heat and to cool the air, which amounts to about 10% of your annual bill for electricity – imagine how much of that you are actually throwing into thin air – literally.
Additionally, air leaks are capable of causing additional issues as it is not just about wasting energy. They could incentivize the accumulation and the buildup of moisture – it’s something very inconvenient and it could potentially cause a range of different issues. Moisture could lead to certain mold and mildew formation, firing up allergies and triggering conditions with your respiratory system.
Proper air sealing, on the other hand, is capable of significantly reducing the amount you spend for heating and cooling each month. The rough estimates place the savings somewhere at the range of 20% which is definitely significant. This is even more expressed, if you live in an area with serious climate changing amplitudes in between the different seasons.
The process of air sealing, however, is not that easy. The most challenging part is to identify the leaks. Luckily for you, there are professionals who specialize in this and they have special equipment which literally sucks up the air from your home in order to pin point the exact locations of the leaks. Some of the common locations include:
• Switch plates and electrical outlets
• Kitchen exhaust fan,
• Door thresholds,
• Fireplace,
• Roof,
• Air ducts,
• Recessed lighting and others of the kind.
The most important thing that you would have to account for is that you should work with experienced professionals to make sure that there are no leaks left behind as this could cause the repetition of the process, causing more issues than it fixed. Make sure to work with a HVAC company in Burlington, you trust will do a good job.