If you had to choose a brand new capacitor, you could be in for a challenge that might more difficult than you thought. The run capacitor is a part which is playing a very critical role the working of the overall HVAC system in a proper working condition. The result is quite obvious – it would never be a good time to discover that you have a malfunctioning one. Furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners depend on run capacitors in order to work as intended. This is a part which will hold the electric charge that provides power to the actual fan motor in the entire system. Thus, whenever it malfunctions, you will, unfortunately, have to get it replaced.
Choosing a brand new one, however, could be a bit more challenging than you thought. Going through the different options could actually be quite confusing and since a lot of them actually look alike, the distinctions between them could be potentially difficult to identify. There are a few different things that you might want to compare and stack against one another.

Dual vs. Single Capacitors

When you will go through the different capacitors which are available, determining whether you need a single or maybe dual capacitor is undoubtedly amongst the first things that you would have to take into account.
A solo unit is going to hook up to just a single motor. This will be used for HVAC systems including smaller air conditioners. With a dual run capacitor, on the other hand, is one which uses two capacitors within the same or one single unit. Using a dual run model, you would be able to power to different electric motors. This is why they are usually preferable if you have a larger unit. You might want to consult an expert and seek the right advice as they are professionals and can assist you with the right repairs.

Ratings for Electrical Capacitors

Run capacitors could be described using two different ratings: VACandMFD. The first one, MFD, refers to the capacitance of the unit which is given in microfarads. This is pretty much the total charge that the capacitor has the capacity to store when there is a specific voltage applied.
The VAC rating is actually being rated as an indicator for voltage supply for the unit. The majority of the run capacitors today are either 440 VAC or 370 VAC. As you can see, there are quite a lot of different things that you might want to take into account when it comes to choosing a brand new run capacitor. It is important that you make sure that the HVAC contractor can attend to your requirements and serve as per the highest standards. This is something important. Browse online to get more information or call on HVAC specialists in Oshawa.