Now, the truth is that there are quite a few things that could effectively go wrong with commercial furnaces. From the burner to the blower as well as everything else which may be in between, there are a lot of commercial furnace issues. This is the main reason for which we will focus on some of the most common ones. Whether you are hearing a very strange and rather unusual noise from your furnace or you think that something is just not functioning the way it should, below are a few issues that might be causing it.

The Commercial Furnace Fails to Start

If you are experiencing a significant failure in your commercial furnace and it doesn’t manage to start, there might be more than one thing wrong with it. Here are some of the things that call for furnace repair specialists and key aspects that you should direct your attention towards:

·         Tripped breakers

·         Blown transformers

·         Failure of the blower motor

·         Faulty control board

·         Loose connections or wiring

Strange noises: If that’s the case, this usually indicates that some sort of an issue is either taking place or is about to take place very shortly. Take it into account and react on time.

The burner won’t stay lit. This is another common problem. This could be indicative that you have failed to maintain the unit properly. As such, you might need to clean it properly and make sure that everything is handled as it should. Alternatively, it may be an issue with your gas supply and this need to be taken care of as soon as it’s possible.

The blower won’t turn on. Your blower might be causing issues. If that’s the case, you might be having some problems with your run capacitor or with the motor of the blower itself.

As you can see, there is range of different things which might be causing those problems and it is only normal for you to consider calling a professional technician to help you out. The truth is that experiencing issues with your furnace isn’t something that should be left in the back burner. You should make sure to address the problem as quickly, as it is actually possible in order to guarantee that there are no further problems.

What is more, dealing with the furnace on your own is something that you should usually stay away from. Do not play professional and make sure to call experts in order for them to properly evaluate the entire situation and undertake the necessary measures. This is absolutely critical when it comes to it and it needs to be handled quickly and properly. Make sure that you do so well in time and do not delay the fix. There are many HVAC professionals that can be of assistance and all that you need to do is work with a licensed company so that everything is done as per the quality standards.