Now, there are quite a few issues which may take place when it comes to the different HVAC systems but coil corrosion is undoubtedly something on the higher spectrum of the price list. It could lead to replacement of the coils or the entire system itself. This is something which is likely to result in a definitive failure and it is actionably responsible for an approximation of about 40% of all of the equipment failures when it comes to industrial applications.

This is something which comes in formicary or pitting deterioration. Corrosion could occur for a few weeks after you’ve installed the system or it might actually present itself after years of usage. The HVAC system requires regular maintenance and that is why it is important to call in the professionals. They will advise you best about the ways to prevent corrosion and extend the life of your unit.

Pitting corrosion, when it comes to it, is commonly caused by exposing the system to chloride or fluoride. The former is usually found in the water supplies in a lot of the municipalities, while the latter is usually encountered in a range of different products such as cleaners, carpeting as well as fabrics chemicals, detergents and others of the kind. They contain ions which are going to attack the metal and, hence, cause pits which are going to leak refrigerant.

Formicary corrosion, on the other hand, is something which is usually caused by exposing the metal to formic acids or acetic ones. These are usually present in a range of different products that we use almost every single day such as cleaning solvents, adhesives, paints and others of the kind. It is known to create tunnels within the tubing and this is why it results in pinholes which take place in the coils.

Of course, there are different things that you need to take into account when it comes to it. There are additional factors which are also to be considered. For instance, facilities that are usually located closer to saltwater or in certain industrial areas, are usually prone experiencing the problem of coil corrosion.

The thing that you need to understand, however, is that this is a problem that you should most definitely be seriously concerned with. This is mainly due to the fact that coil corrosion could quickly expose your entire system to serious issues. When a metal starts to corrode, this is going to accelerate the process and ensure that it goes a lot quicker. This is why timely reaction is needed. There is no such thing as repair when it comes to corrosion – once it has started to spread. This is the main reason for which you need to ensure that you get the HVAC professionals handling it as quickly as it is actually possible immediately.