Your ductwork is an important part of any central heating or cooling system. In today’s home, duct leaks are extremely common and responsible for significant energy loss. Studies have shown that 10% to 30% of your heated or cooled air is lost due to leaking ducts. This is not only a huge loss of energy, but it puts added strain on your system while it is struggling to bring your home to temperature. Having your ducts tested by a qualified HVAC professional in St. Catharines can ensure that your system is working at its peak while not losing important energy.

Escaped Air = Reduced Efficiency

Your HVAC system relies on delivered air through supply ducts and returned air through return ducts to the furnace or air conditioner for overall efficiency. In many cases, air can escape through poorly connected or deteriorated ductwork. This can result in a loss of conditioned air and the resulting area is either too warm or too cold. If return ductwork is leaking, it can be drawing air from the outside. Not only is this counterproductive to the system, but it could also be taking air from your attic, crawl space, or dangerous air from your furnace.

Don’t Install A New System With Leaky Ductwork

Before a new furnace or AC unit is installed, furnace repair professionals in St. Catharines strongly recommend having the existing ductwork tested. If the ductwork is inefficient, the new system will be inefficient. It makes no sense to install new, energy efficient equipment when you will be losing that conditioned air through leaking ducts.

The most reliable way to inspect ductwork for leaks is to have a test performed by a qualified professional. A couple different types of tests are available that force air through the system under pressure. They then measure the amount of airflow lost through the system when at its normal operating pressure. They will detect any general leakiness of the ductwork by comparing the pressures and flow rates to determine the amount and location of leaks. This will help determine what remedies should be taken as far as sealing, repairing, or replacing.

When a significant amount of conditioned air is lost, your St. Catharines HVAC system is required to run longer to achieve your comfortable temperature. Testing and sealing your ductwork will reduce your expenses and lessen the workload on your system. It will enable your system to come to temperature in a shorter amount of time. Eliminating leaks also has the added benefit of reducing the amount of dust, allergens, and other pollutants from being drawn into the system.

If you are looking to replace your existing HVAC system and have questions about duct testing, call the experts at Brisk Air Furnace and Air Conditioning. We specialize in commercial and residential air conditioning and furnace repair and installation in the St. Catharines area and the GTA. We would be glad to answer your questions and restore your indoor comfort.