As a homeowner, you probably understand that your heating and cooling systems use the most energy of any systems in your home. It is helpful to know where your energy costs are and how to locate issues that may be costing you more in fuel bills each month. An energy audit of your home will help minimize energy loss and maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system. It will highlight where your system may be using too much energy and what can be done to fix it. It is also a way you can determine how well your system is working in order to keep AC repairs at a minimum in  Burlington.

A home energy audit can:

●     Help lower energy bills and increase savings

●     Improve comfort

●     Increase home value

●     Uncover hidden energy problems and alleviate potential air conditioning repairs in Burlington

●     Help protect the environment

A full energy audit enables the average homeowner to identify areas of waste and loss. Fixing energy waste can mean cost savings of up to 30% on energy bills. Professional auditors go into detail to assess your home’s energy usage and will do an examination of each room as well as past utility bills. Many will also conduct a thermographic scan.

Answer these questions before your auditor arrives:

●     How many people live in the home?

●     Is the home occupied all day or is it empty for certain hours?

●     What is the square footage of the home?

●     Is every room utilized consistently?

●     What is the average temperature you keep your thermostat at?

●     How old are your appliances?

●     How old are your systems (HVAC, water heater)

●     Have past energy bills ready and available.

Make a list of your concerns. Are you dealing with uneven heating and cooling? Damp air or drafts? Your auditor will first look at the exterior of the home to determine the size and features. The audit will take into consideration doors, windows, age and size of the home, age of the important energy consumers, and the habits of the family. The professional you hire will use specialized equipment that detects energy loss such as surface thermometers, furnace efficiency meters, and infrared cameras. Before you call for AC repairs in Burlington, an energy audit can give you valuable information about your energy consumption and assist in locating the problem.

Walk through your home as the auditor works and ask questions. You energy assessment is for YOU, the homeowner, and it is practical to know how well your heating and cooling systems are working. Contact a professional energy auditor in order to curtail costly energy bills and potential air conditioning repairs in Burlington.