The truth is that whenever your AC is turned on, your fan is also working. However, it is up to you to decide whether the latter will keep working after the space reaches the designated temperature or not. And, usually you’d have to choose between comfort and cost.

Difference between Automatic and On functions

Now, the majority of the HVAC systems are likely to have two basic settings – “auto” and “on”. While you’ve set the thermostat to auto, the fan is going to run with the air conditioner in order to distribute the air.  When it’s set to on, the air will be flowing continuously until you choose to use a different setting.

The first advantage of the auto setting, as you can probably figure it out, is that your HVAC system will experience reduced wear as well as tear. It may also be of help to ensure that you use each HVAC filter as the air won’t be passing through it every single time. The negative side, however, is that your household’s air is slowly going to become rather stagnant. If you fail to open the windows, this could be something rather unpleasant.

Using the on setting, on the other hand, gives you the opposite solution. This is why people with allergies might benefit quite a lot as the air in the room is going to be always fresh. This is the main advantage. However, this is going to cause your HVAC system to wear quite a lot and quicker than the alternative, hence increasing the cost of the solution.

Variable speed of the fan

You should pick a unit which has variable speeds of the fan. This way, even if you leave it on for a longer period of time, you can adjust the speed of the fan. This is done in order to reduce the pressure on the system and hence lower the wear, while at the same time experiencing the advantages that are associated with fresh air.

As you can see, there is a solution to everything. However, a lot of people are quite unaware of this and that’s why they tend to believe that their HVAC is inefficient or that it’s causing them issues as the air is not filtered and gets stagnant. While it’s always a battle between both the options, you need to decide for yourself which is the option that best suits you, it’s also critical to know that there is always a convenient middle ground. This is certainly something for you to understand. If you are suspecting that your AC has another problem, however, it is absolutely critical that you get it checked out by a professional. It is best to only allow NATE-certified professionals to work on the HVAC in Burlington so look around for a company that is licensed and insured.