Unfortunately, most homeowners only worry about their AC system when they experience a breakdown in the middle of summer. Being proactive and getting an AC tune up can help ensure that your air conditioner is ready for the summer heat and can often detect future problems before they become costly AC repairs in St. Catharines. Keep your cool this summer by scheduling an AC tune up.

Heating and cooling costs can represent up to 48% of a homeowner’s energy costs. Getting an annual air conditioning tune up can help save on energy bills. Furthermore, the lifespan of your air conditioner is dependent on how it is installed and how well it is maintained. Make sure you get the most life from your AC system.

A pre-season tune up will ensure that your air conditioner will get full attention by a professional. An AC repair specialist in St. Catharines will give your system the care it needs to operate efficiently all summer long. To get the best level of efficiency from your air conditioning system and to head off potential costly repairs, a tune up conducted by a professional is your best bet.

When you schedule an AC tune up, your air conditioner repair technician in St. Catharines will thoroughly inspect your system to look for problems that may compromise its efficiency. By scheduling a preemptive maintenance visit, you will start the summer off with an efficient air conditioner and perhaps prevent a future breakdown and costly AC repair.

A tune up visit should include:

●     Thermostat operation check

●     Clean or replace air filter

●     Check airflow

●     Check refrigerant and add accordingly

●     Clean all coils

●     Lubricate motors and all moving mechanical parts

●     Inspect electrical components

●     Check fan

●     Inspect drain line and pan

●     Drain line cleaning

●     Check temperature differential between supply and return

●     Measure performance before and after service

●     Inspect ductwork

The biggest reason to schedule maintenance tune up is cost. When you consider the cost of replacing a small item as maintenance to the cost of buying a new compressor, the cost differential is obvious. Add to that the energy cost of running a system that is running at its optimal to running one that is inefficient. The cost of a maintenance check up just makes financial sense.

During the summer, pay close attention to signs that your air conditioner may need repair. Take them seriously and call a professional air conditioning repair technician in St. Catharines immediately. Remember that during the summer months, you may be hard pressed to get a service call immediately. Taking immediate action helps to prevent emergency situations due to an air conditioning breakdown.