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The average water heater has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, provided it is cared for and maintained on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, as with any home appliance, your water heater is not immune to the ravages of normal wear and tear.  Over time, internal components and parts corrode or get encased in the accumulation of minerals found in the water supply.  This results in decreased operational efficiency, increased energy usage, and ultimately higher utility bills.

As part of our preventative maintenance and repair plan, BriskAir Furnace and Air Conditioning recommends thoroughly flushing your water heater on a regular basis.  This in itself will add extra time to its life expectancy.  And while most repairs are minor and inexpensive initially, the time will come when this is no longer financially feasible and replacement becomes your only option.  However you should still call us when your water heater is not operating the way it should.


There are a few warning that indicate the need for repair while others are telling you to purchase a new water heater for your Burlington, Oshawa, or St. Catharines home.  Noise and temperature problems can usually be solved by our water heater technicians unless they are related to a more serious problem that will lead to an eventual failure and the need for a replacement.

Noise problems are oftentimes attributed to sediment build-up within the tank.  When that debris lands on the heating element, it gets burned away and makes a lot of noise in the process.  A good flushing will usually fix this, but if it doesn’t, the heating element is probably on the verge of burning out and needing to be replaced.

Temperature problems could result from something as simple as needing a thermostat adjustment to a more serious problem such as a worn out thermocouple (gas water heaters) or heating element (electric water heaters).  Unless you are experienced and highly skilled at water heater repair, replacing the heating element or thermocouple is best handled by the BriskAir Furnace and Air Conditioning technicians.


While noise and temperature problems are oftentimes water heater repair issues, there are certain issues that cannot be fixed by a technician.  Age is one of the first factors to consider.  A water heater that has been in use for 15 or 20 years is probably due for a replacement, especially if it has become extremely noisy while in use.  Leakage is an issue that normally cannot be repaired either.  You should contact us immediately if you don’t want your hot water heater flooding your home or garage.

In addition to water heater repair services in Oshawa, and St. Catharines, we also specialize in the installation of new units and can develop a preventative maintenance plan that is tailored to your needs and will extend the appliance’s lifespan.  For more information regarding water heater repair or any of our other services, contact BriskAir Furnace and Air Conditioning today.


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